Hairstyles That Will Look Stunning On Older Women

9. The right color

Perhaps even more valuable than the cut is a youthful color. Stylist Ruth Roche advises changing up the color as your hair changes with age. “Color is key; keep it dimensional with detailed highlights,” she suggests. “Solid colors, particularly dark, can lack depth and vitality and tend not to complement skin tone.”

When picking the right hair color, keep in mind the upkeep. Jeff Stump, the owner of Artkiteks salon, recommends, “the color will grow out much better than a solid line and creating a simpler look if we incorporate the color with highlights or a demi-permanent color.”

No matter what color you prefer, going a shade or two lighter could immediately give you a younger look. Celebrity colorist, Kelly Cardenas suggests outlining your face with highlights to lighten your skin tone. “Tonal change is also necessary — you want to stay within 2-3 shades of your actual overall color as a higher contrast produces the reverse effect,” he explains. “Lastly, the highlights need to blend in almost an ombre effect opposed to large, chunky pieces.”

10. Rock your confidence

Many women feel that playing safe with their hair is okay regardless of age, so many women believe they need to play it safe with their hair. We may feel nervous about trying something entirely new, so we stay with the same simple style for decades. However, you can show your confidence and reinvent your form at any age. “When working with older women, I love giving them a confidence cut—a hairstyle that will show a women’s strength,” Tony Gordon, Master Hair Designer and owner of Gordon Salons, told me. “I love something bold like a short, chic cut or bob with pixie bangs and textured sides. Adding texture on the sides enhances the face shape and gives the style an overall flattering silhouette.”