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Hairstyles That Will Look Stunning On Older Women

7. Up the volume

Combining layers to your cut can also provide an impressive volume. Our hair begins to thin as we age, so adding volume is a great way to keep a fresh, young look. Stylist Ruth Roche suggests applying the right products for a fuller looking hair. She suggests Pureology Fullfyl, a “3-step system that builds full-bodied hair, with a lived-in texture that seems and feels like more hair.” Speak with your stylist regarding the best product for your hair type and thickness.

8. Soften your frizz

As our hair become old and weak, frizz can become a dilemma, even if you’ve never had a problem with it before. Keeping a shiny, smooth locks keeps our styles looking young. Stylist Ruth Roche recommends her clients to use a smoothing product to tame any frizz from occurring. Roche makes use of Pureology Colour Fanatic 21 benefit spray. “Regularly blow dry with the nozzle going from roots to ends to smooth down the cuticle and enhance shine,” Roche tells The List. “Youthful hair is shiny!”

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