Discover 12 Worst Things That Can Damage Your Hair

3.”Color-Safe Shampoo” on Colored Hair


When you dyed your hair (from glimmering blonde to a weird shade) using a color-safe shampoo is a must. Color-safe shampoo helps preserve that certain (new) color and making it last longer. There are some product that gently cleanses the hair and provides the right moisturizer, however, this shampoo is not intended for daily use.  “If you overuse purple shampoo, your hair may start to look dull and even begin to have a grey or purple tint—and not the pretty pastel kind either,” says Hack. “If you feel your hair is starting to look brassy, try Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save Silver Shampoo —it reduces unwanted warm tones and brings back that cool color you intended for.” He added.

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