Amazing Hair Care Ideas for Ladies with Different Hair Types

  • Thick Hair

The struggle is real if you have thick hair. Taking care of your hair is annoying as it quickly ends up knot tied or easily gets tangled. Thick hair can become oily if we do not wash it properly.

Steps in taking care of thick hair :

You need to wash your hair at least twice a week. If left unwashed, it will become greasy and can end up in lots of tangles as well.

Always use shampoo together with conditioner. The shampoo will take your hair from too much oil while the conditioner will help tone down the grease.

Do not overuse your shampoo and conditioner, because it will damage your hair for excessive usage.

To make your hair softer and smoother, make sure to use lukewarm water while washing your hair.

You can use a wide-toothed comb or brush to untangle your hair quickly.

While you’re still in the shower, make sure to brush your hair right after conditioning it to get a smoother feel.

Brush your hair again once you are out of the shower, then, brush them again after 30 minutes with a wide-toothed comb to leave a smooth and tangle-free hair.

To avoid detangling, make sure to run your fingers throughout the day and create a simple braid before going to bed for a natural wavy look in the next day.

To keep your hair healthy, soft and moisturize, you can use fish oil supplements as well as a hair mask and other essential oils.

To attain shiny hair, mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water, wrap it with aluminum foil and cover it with a towel or scarf. Leave it overnight, then wash with shampoo and conditioner the next day. If you do this for three weeks, the result will be amazing

Trimming your hair regularly will also help it be manageable.

How to Style your thick hair :

Always make sure that your hair is dry before you start using the hair dryer

You can also use serum crème to have better control of your hair.

Keep your hair from flaring or going to places by making an easy up-dos or braids. You can also use hairspray to keep your style intact.

  • Thin Hair

Thin hair is more fragile than thick hair. Fine hair means that the strands of your hair are smoother and more subtle, thus requires extra caution.

Steps in taking care of thin hair :

It will not cause much stress and breakage to your hair if you wash it every day.

To make it look thicker than the usual, you can always use a volumizing shampoo

Using a lot of conditioners will make your hair look lifeless and oily all the time

Since thin hair is fragile, gently dry your hair to eliminate loosing and damaging your locks.

Regular haircuts can eliminate damage and split ends.

To save your hair from tangling, tie your hair while sleeping and make sure to use a satin pillowcase to prevent scratching your locks.

How to Style thin hair :

You can use a hair mousse or styling spray if you wish to style your light hair. Using a spray or mousse that has a volumizing effect can add volume to your hair.

Make sure that you only use the oil-free product to keep your hair away from becoming flat and oily.

Always use a heat protective spray before using heated hair straightener or curlers to eliminate damage and breakage. Make sure to apply to the lowest heating point when using this kind of products.

These simple tips and tricks on how to take good care of your hair will help you manage your hair according to your hair type. It will give you the confidence to showcase what your hair can offer. I hope this article is helpful and informative enough to make your hair look healthy and strong.