All What You Need to Know About French Braid Hairstyles

20. French Braid Pigtails

This type of French braid can look classy if done properly. The hair should be gelled and combed correctly. First, divide your hair into two sections. Both sides should create a classic French braid tightly to keep the hair in place. Thicker hair creates a voluminous look. You can pair this hairstyle with a casual outfit adding some chunky jewelry and bold makeup.

21. Half Up French Braid

Half up French braid is suitable to women of all ages. It gives a younger, modern look .to add up the confidence to women who feel more mature than the others. A very long hair is preferred for this hairstyle to create a more dramatic look by adding up some curls at the end. To create this look, you must take a portion of your hair from the front and sides. Incorporate your hair to both sides of the braid until it reaches the left or right ear. Loosen the braid gently then wrap it around the back of the head, securing it with bobby pins.  Keep the rest of the hair open and flowing. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasions.

22. French Braid for Short Hair

French braid is not only for women who have medium to long hair. Short-haired women can also sport any style of the French braid. The same instructions are applied when making a French braid or another type of French braid to women who have short hair. These hairstyles are perfect to any occasion. You can wear any clothes and accessories for them. Women who are more mature and have short hair can look younger if the French braid their hair.

You can choose from any of these French braids to complement your face, dress, and accessories. These French braids will also put you on the spotlight and attract the eyes of the event and rock the party.