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All What You Need to Know About French Braid Hairstyles

6. Boho Twist on French Braid

The Boho twist on French braid may look complicated, but you can do it effortlessly.  If you want to sport a boho look with matching outfits, this style will be the best variation of the French braid. Contrary to the classic French braid, boho braid starts at the back of the head while the top portion of the head is kept upbraided and open. If you want to try the classic boho look, you should add few thin hair strands of French braid to the main braid from the side of the hair. This hairstyle is kept casual and loosely done. To make it more appealing and classy, you should add hair jewelry.

7. French Braid for Long Hair

You are blessed to have long hair because you can always style your hair in so many ways and French braid is one of the classiest hairstyles a woman with long hair can wear. To create this kind of hairstyle, you must take the thin strands from one end; medium thin French braid continued towards the lower portion of the head on the other side. Nevertheless, French braid always gives us a clean and classy that we can pair it with semi-formal outfits.

8. Waterfall French Braid

The French waterfall braids are eye-catching and tremendously stylish which adds finesse and charm to the entire updo. You should have at least below the shoulder hair to create this look. To create this style, you must begin a basic braid you should get a thicker portion of the hair, continue with a French braid for one crossover, continue doing it until you reach the other side of the head, the finish it with a regular braid and secure with an elastic hair band. You can pair this hairstyle with a formal dress for a special event, gala, or red carpet.

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