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45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

29.  Girl Next Door Lob


The lob never out of style this year. Be like a girl next door looks with this sweet lob that brings magic behind the beautiful balayage. Let the hair expert cut your hair short with the curls and the end so they face your chin. Add bangs that hit just your eyebrow which make you look cute or so girly.

30. Textured Pixie


This cut is perfect for anyone whose hair has some curls. The pixie cut add a lot of textured and the layers shows fairly and evenly. Considered a textured pixie when you like to have your hair a little messy and you want to show off all your amazing features.

31. Feathery Bob


This Feathery Bob style will look best on elderly women. It is a bit short with tons of layers all around and best to wear even with natural hair color. This is absolutely beautiful with all the layers and the natural color, simple but nice to look at.

32. Balayage Lob


Balayage lob got the highest attention on the Instagram post. It is considered one the most preferred cut today and we can understand why. With all these curls that looks soft and flowing, with the balayage color, everything perfectly matched.

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