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45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

26. The Halsey Cut


The Halsey cut is a perfect, trendy hairstyle that gives short hairs into the next level. The stylist will cut the hair longer on top and shaved into super short all around. You can dye the top art with blonde color to draw attention. Use some hair products that make your hair looks messy yet captivating.

27. Voluminous Lob


Make everyone else more jealous with this voluminous lob that looks exceptional. Cut your hair just above the shoulder, have a few curls and use hairspray to enhance the wavy feel. Full your hair on the side and spray all around it to look gorgeous all day.

28. Silver Lob


One hair color that considered trending this year is silver. This chin length hairstyle has a lot of layers. This cut encourages those layers to look wavy, lift and bounce. This will surely look fabulous in you hence give it a try when planning to make a hair change.

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