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45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

23. Short Natural Pixie Pink


Don’t feel bothered with your natural hair as you can turn it into extra special with this short natural pixie pink. Make this picture as your inspiration and feel like a star with this super-hot hairstyle. This is perfect for an individual who prefers less maintenance haircut.

24.  Textured Bob


This liberating and modern style haircut is gaining a lot of attention on social media post. Textured bob is a perfect fit with anyone who wants to chop off its hair and adds up some layers. The back part is a little shorter while the sides longer that looks thinner and edgy.

25. Stylish Pixie


Pixie haircut might less maintenance but do not underestimate the styles that you can do with this cut. Stylish pixie will look perfect with anyone, with a little length towards the front and slight side-swept bangs, everything is perfect.

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