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45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

19.  Blunt Bob


Feel beautiful with this blunt bob cut. Make this picture as your inspiration to try for another hairdo. Cut your hair like a super blunt bob and wear it a little messy with its highlights. Use a styling cream allowing the hair to pop up and looks amazing.

20.  Purple Mohawk


Be brave and try this Purple Mohawk hairstyle. You will gorgeous when you shave the sides and back of your hair, leaving a little length in the middle that acts as bangs and a great attraction. Purple Mohawk is the latest hair fashion that you should try.

21. Yellow Bob Haircut with Bangs


If you want to change your hairstyle for the best then opt to yellow bob haircut with bangs. Try a little hair experiment with this beautiful yellow and add some bangs to look a little weird yet sexy. This look is good for those people who loved fashion to the maximum level.

22. Messy Minty Bun Style


Many people loved to have a unique hair dye and this messy minty bun style is the best option for you to look a little bit different. Cut your hair into a lob and have minty hair color. Tie up a portion and form like a bun, leave the rest flow a bit wavy and then ready to go.

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