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45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

15. Curly Purple Lob


Wavy purple lob is one of the hottest hairstyle these days. Wearing this amazing color allow you to stand out and looks beautiful and unique. Wavy or curly hair looks hot and becomes more inviting with the purple color. Add slight bangs to complete the package.

16. Banged Pixie


Short but sexy is the other term of this banged pixie hairstyle. This cut is good for people who want less hair maintenance, a very short haircut but a little long in front for some bangs. Color your hair a little so that it emphasizes the curl and expresses your face well.

17. Rounded Bob


This seemed a classic look but rounded bob never out of style. It gives your hair some shapes and a little wavy adds volume. It has a light hair color and you can choose one that will suits best on your skin tone. Make it longer in the front and shorter in the back to preserve the style.

18. Shiny Sleek Lob


When you got straight hair, then sleek lob is perfect for you. Be inspired with this photo and try this sleek lob which surely looks elegant on you. Sleek lob is the best option when you have a fine straight hair and will look even flawless when you run a straightener in your hair.

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