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45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

7. Asymmetrical Cut


For your “Insta” pose, try this asymmetrical cut that surely got more likes. This hairstyle typically cut very short everywhere except for one side. One side is longer than the others, giving an asymmetrical cut, creative designs wherein you can incorporate a hair color of your choice. Wear this short haircut and be like an Instagram star.

8. Plain Pink Lob


For simple yet beautiful looks, try this pink lob. This beautiful hairstyle is cut one length and just under the chin. With the pink hair color, it looks sweet and simple. Show this picture to your hairstylist and achieve an effortless look.

9. Platinum Curly Lob


Millennia’s often opt to brilliant platinum color, the most captivating and dazzling looks this season. Girls with platinum curly lob hairstyles considered modern or following what’s trending. Platinum curly lob is sophisticated and elegant to look at.

10. Peek-a-boo Bob


Shaved short sides are no longer for boys as this will look great on girls too. Peek-a-boo bob cut is longer everywhere except for the other sides which are shaved to reveal its beauty. It pleases most women these days and could be perfect in you when you want hair freedom.

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