45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

4. Hottest Natural Afro


If you’ve got a natural Afro then enhance the basic into something wild. Try this hottest natural afro hairstyle that gives more flare on your personality. Grab this picture from Instagram and take it as an inspiration to build up your natural afro.

5. Sexy Orange Lob with Bangs


Intensify your lob cut by dying it with a beautiful color, orange. Orange lob with bangs is one of the catchy posts on Instagram. Hair length just level the chin and the blunt mini bangs add appeal. Wear this hairstyle every day or apply hair products that give a messy yet sexy look.

6. Classic Blunt Bob


Messy or not, classic short blunt bob is always a good choice. You can have this straight hairstyle and wear it like everyone’s style. Curve your hair below your ears and add imperfect bangs. Use a straightener to run it through allowing the hair to looks aligned and gorgeous.

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