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45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

37.  Lob with Side Bangs


Bangs really added as great attraction to your new hairstyle. Lob with side bangs is one great example. Cut your hair very straight with a slight part on the side to give yourself a cute look and simply carry it with confidence.

38. Curly Mohawk


If you have curly hair, let the expert cut is short with a nice pixie cut. Curly Mohawk is like leaving the top super long while short or shaved all over. The long hair in front is set as a unique style and will look even better with a styling cream to keep the hair in place.

39. Wavy Easy Lob


Wavy easy lob always looks fantastic. You can have it with a shoulder-length, wavy but soft. You can part the hair in the middle to emphasize your face feature. Add some hair color to reveal the real beauty and wear it every day with a smile.

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