45 Most Popular Short Hairstyle Posted on Instagram

Generally, people often posted or shared photos on its Instagram account to let their friends or followers know its latest adventure.  But, do you know that Instagram is a great social media platform to view and get inspired when you like to have a big chunk of your hair? With just a few browse and hash tagging you can find a wide short hairstyles images that might be perfect for you. From a pixie cut or a super sleek bob cut, Instagram is the best page to stop by when changing a hairstyle.

Here are the 45 most popular short hairstyle that you can save and bring to your hairstylist when you visit a salon.

1. Strong Forest Green Bob


Rock yourself with this powerful, strong forest green bob. The green color and the voluptuous curls make you unique and attractive. The length just right below your ears and add a few layers for an extra attraction.  Wearing this short hairstyle will allow you to stand out in the crowd.

2. Charming Curly Bob with Bangs


Bob cut never out of style and just perfect with bangs.  Curly Bob with bangs will look great to anyone. The blunt bangs that hit on the forehead create more of an edgy look, the wavy hair brings a feminine look and something to be noticed.

3. Exhilarate Pixie


The short pixie cut is favorable to women that makes its morning routine simple. The pixie cut is cute and edgy with a bit longer hair in front which you can spike up and a shaved sides that look neat and elegant. A short pixie hairstyle can go messy or enough to give you a casual look.

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