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22 Most Elegant Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles You Will Ever See

  • Curled Layered

How would you describe this style and what is your most liked thing about it?

This look is described as a layered bob curled with a 1-inch curling iron. I love how it looks elegant and classy when worn.

  • Casually Coiffed

If you want to sport a casual, relax MOB style, this is the style for you!

How To Style:

If you have a naturally curly or wavy hair, apply a curling cream to your wet hair, then dry it with a diffuser.

If your hair doesn’t have natural curls, then, dry your hair manually or brush it to smooth using a round brush.

Use a 1¼-inch curling iron to twist each part of the hair. Wrap your hair all over the curling iron to keep away the curls from being too “flawless.” Make sure each curl is going in a different direction. To give an example, curl your hair towards your face, then the next time you twist it, move it away from your face.

You can use your hands to separate the curls and apply a texture cream, so the curls don’t look overly manicured.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is divine for those mothers who have natural waves and want to show them off. This hairdo will work best if you have a medium to thick hair texture. Casually coiffed hairdo complements any face shape well.

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