17 Types of Haircuts That Make You Look Older Than You Think

16. Super-short pixie cuts

The pixie cut can always make you look young and adorable. But if it was cut way too short than the usual pixie cut, the catch is it will make you look far older than your age. The super-short pixie cut can draw attention to all lines and wrinkles to the face making even younger women can look remarkably older than their age.

17. Short pin-up curls

If you want to add some vintage appeal to your hair make sure that your hair is not too short for that look. Pin-up curls may look cute, but going for it with shorter hair can make you look like your stuck in the old age. If you want to add some spice to your look and opt a retro look, always consult a hairstylist to see if they can give a modern twist to our favorite look.